Vote Against Hate

Voter Registration Drive Delivers Thousands of new Pro-Immigrant Voters to the Department of Elections

On the last day residents can sign up to vote, Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC) turned in 2000 new voter registration forms to the Detroit Department of Elections. Their campaign was part of a nationwide effort to find new voters this year, especially new Americans.

“When immigrants vote, America wins!” said MPC organizer Adonis Flores. “We have the power to fight against the hate and racism that has taken root in this country. If you’re a citizen, vote. If you’re not a citizen, volunteer to mobilize your neighbors. If you have your Green Card, naturalize. This election, we are literally voting to defend our families.”

Jessica Kasper is a US citizen, whose husband was deported in 2008. She spent the summer registering voters and organizing in the Latino community, “Our broken immigration system tears families like mine apart,” said Hernandez, “We need to send a message—when you attack immigrant families, you are attacking voters. We are powerful and we’re standing up for ourselves.”