Darrin Camilleri declared People’s Champion in Michigan’s 23rd District

Candidate for State House good for children, elders and their caregivers

Michigan People’s Campaign announced Friday its support for Darrin Camilleri, candidate for the state house seat in the 23rd District, by awarding him the People’s Champion award for his positions on childcare, eldercare and the rights of their caregivers.

“Darrin Camilleri believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect.” Said Amanda Dasgupta, a community organizer in the district with Michigan People’s Campaign. “He says we need more options for in-home care for family members with disabilities to provide a better standard of living.”

Michigan People’s Campaign reached out to both Camilleri and his opponent, Bob Howey, and while they found Camilleri to be very supportive, they deemed Howey to be silent in these kitchen table conversations people have everyday downriver.

“Darrin Camilleri believes increasing funding for long term care would help more families become self sufficient.” said long time Romulus resident, Gaye Ray, a stroke victim who can no longer drive and needs help getting  access to treatment. “He knows that in-home care provides better standards of living for seniors. He wants to see those options available for more people.”

Recently, Michigan lost out on over $20 million in federal matching funds for childcare assistance because of the inaction of our legislature, part of a decade long trend. Camilleri won the People’s Champion award for childcare because of his support for future investment in our children “...so parents can go to school, go to work and find good paying jobs.”  Said MPC community organizer, Frances Barber. “He understands parents having access to affordable, quality childcare is part of the solution.”