Women who Confronted Trump in Detroit Call on Clinton for Meeting

Michigan People’s Campaign members to discuss child care, elder care, jobs

As Donald Trump leaves his latest campaign stop, the 14 women of the Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC) who challenged him in Detroit now have questions for his opponent, Hillary Clinton.


“We’re furious, but not surprised, that Donald Trump refused to listen to the concerns of women in Michigan.” said MPC member Jacqui Maxwell. “We’re hoping Secretary Clinton will at least be open to a conversation.”


Trump was continually interrupted during his Detroit appearance by women demanding answers to his outrageous comments about sexual harassment and closing Michigan auto plants.


Clinton will be in Michigan to deliver a policy speech later this week. MPC members would like to discuss pressing issues in the state, including jobs and investment in neglected urban areas, a stronger safety net for elders in need of long-term care, and affordable child care for all.

“The challenges that women face affect the whole family.” said MPC member LaShaya Darrisaw. “Clearly, Hillary Clinton understands these challenges far better than Donald Trump.  It’s still important that she meet with women voters here in Michigan to hear our stories and discuss our agenda. We’ll be working to make sure she keeps her promises if she wins.”