Representatives give constituents cold shoulder for Valentine’s Day

 Courtesy Lightworker Photo

Courtesy Lightworker Photo

Two by two, constituents of the 11th district spent Valentine’s Day going to Congressman Dave Trott’s district office in Troy to deliver colorful cards with a heart on the front and a touching message inside asking for a town hall meeting with the reclusive Republican. The holiday effort organized by Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC) sought a February 23rd in person meeting with Rep. Trott when he returns to the district next week.

  Lindsay Helfman (Left) and Daughter Rosa (below) deliver Valentine's day cards for Rep, Trott. Photo courtesy Lightworker Photo

Lindsay Helfman (Left) and Daughter Rosa (below) deliver Valentine's day cards for Rep, Trott.
Photo courtesy Lightworker Photo

Lindsay Helfman brought her daughter, Rosa to personally deliver their hand made Valentines and a request for a meeting with Rep. Trott.  She credits the ACA for allowing her to take Rosa to regular wellness visits. “We can go in and see our doctor. Things we could not have been able to afford and definitely not under any of the proposed plans we’ve seen from the republican side where vaccines are covered but wellness visits aren’t. They are essential for parents.” Helfman said. “I just want Representative Trott to know mothers have long memories when it comes to our kids.”

This Valentine’s day action was the most recent request in a weeks long campaign to get an in-person meeting with Representative Trott, but it was only one of many to take place at Congressional district offices across the state. MPC has sought to give constituents the opportunity to share their health care stories with their representatives and ask if they plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a move which would put nearly a million Michigan residents at risk of losing their care.

  Photo courtesy Eli Rubin, Michigan People’s Campaign

Photo courtesy Eli Rubin, Michigan People’s Campaign

MPC also organized similar protests and office visits in Kalamazoo outside Rep.Fred Upton’s office, Grand Rapids outside Rep. Justin Amash’s office and in Brighton outside Rep. Mike Bishiop’s office.

Rep. Walberg’s staff saw about 40 constituents storm their office in Jackson chanting “I’m from the 7th district”. The receptionist’s desk was covered with oversized Valentines and bags of candy as

they fielded requests from each of the constituents for a meeting during the upcoming Congressional recess.

Valentine’s day coincidentally fell on a Tuesday this year, allowing the actions to be part of the larger “Tuesday Turnout” campaign MPC is running in conjunction with fellow social justice organizations nationwide. With outreach support from groups like Indivisible and, MPC will stage actions challenging the destructive policies of President Donald Trump starting with the repeal of the ACA. As long as our representatives refuse to explain their support for Trump’s indefensible positions, they can expect to see the crowds in their districts grow larger and louder every week.