#ChickenTrott - Rep.Trott chickens out of healthcare meeting with constituents

Constituents ruffle feathers with chicken-themed protest

Finally refused a meeting with Rep. Dave Trott after weeks of trying, constituents of Michigan’s 11th congressional district, organized by the Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC), gathered  in front of his district office along Big Beaver Rd. Tuesday evening to draw attention to his neglect of their concerns. Some wore chickens on their heads, most carried signs with the hashtag #ChickenTrott, while one rallied the crowd in a bright yellow chicken costume.

“We want to make sure everyone can see that in the rush to repeal ‘Obamacare’, Republicans like Rep. Trott forgot to come up with a substitute that will provide the coverage we need.” said Julia Galliker, an MPC member and 11th district constituent. “If Rep. Trott has a bill that covers our kids like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and doesn’t leave us out in the cold when our lives change, we’ve never seen it. But then again, we haven’t seen him either.”

The protest highlighted a growing trend among elected officials avoiding the people back home either by not having public meetings or literally running away from previously scheduled events once they go badly. And even though protesters cheerfully flapped their arms to the sounds of “The Chicken Dance”, the motivation for their demonstration was very serious: their friends and neighbors whose lives would be in peril if not for the ACA.

People like Ed Weberman, whose son Alex is now in remission of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma because he received the needed care while still on his father’s insurance. “I’m out here for all the Alexes that will need the protection of the ACA.” said Weberman. “I don’t know why Rep. Trott won’t meet with us about such an important issue as our children’s lives.”